Planting seeds

Yesterday we got a small fig ( <3 ) at the garden centre. They had 20% discount on everything so we got a lot of stuff. Two gooseberry bushes, a yellow raspberry bush, this fig, pot for it, seed trays, some herbs, liquid fertiliser, a pitchfork since ours broke recently, some seeds...

I planted peas and spring onions in toilet paper rolls, I read about this in the garden center magazine, seems good to give a start to seeds you'd plant directly on the ground. Last year I didn't have any luck at all with the pole peas I planted. Not a single one. The year previous the low peas did relatively well. Onions have also been eaten in the past, by larvae I suppose.

I planted some herbs on pots, parsley on a jardinière (?), since out in the garden it gets eaten by slugs, and added more ground and liquid fertiliser to the chard that has survived all winter in the windowsill :D

I hope to plant some of the bushes tomorrow. The fig will stay indoors for now. What will be the kitchen one day is rather cold, like a greenhouse, and has a large window.

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