And another picture dump

Been too tired to update, or something ;P

This is another picture dump from the camera. Actually, just pictures from a while ago, I went out with the 100mm. The pictures could be better, it was pretty dark by the time I got out.

The peas have come and gone. This weekend I have planted late beans in their place (Speedy).

The sage-of-death got a drastic pruning on Friday. It was still not enough for me, so today I pulled it out, put it in a hole in the middle of the garden, where it can do as it pleases, and planted the thymeses back where they used to be, before I took them out and put them in pots because the sage was crowding them. And everything else. And itself. The lavender it still flattened out and looking like crap but the bees are visiting the few flowers now, and everything is gonna have to go possibly this year, so I just let it be.

The curcubitas are getting large and great. Really cultivating the ground, a cold winter (bye slugs) and a dry summer (bye slugs) really makes a huge difference... we're getting our first ever real nice courgette possibly tomorrow. I already harvested a round one last week. I saw the first pumpkin flower today.

What else? I don't know. The new apple tree and one of the cherries look dead, but there may be some life in the stem. The other cherry looks relatively ok, and the mispel is actually showing signs of new growth.

Some flowers from seeds haphazardly dispersed have come around. The borage has been a great hit with the bees and bumblebees.

On with the dump, first, a new favourite: Love-in-a-mist. These are from seed packets... I think! both packets were mixed, one had "plants that repel slugs" which we dispersed in the perimeter of the vegetable garden, and the other a wildflower mix that I sprinkled close to the roses at the back. It could also be spontaneous, but I've never seen them before (ever in fact!). They are extremely adorable, and so are the seed pods, which I will try to keep (for decoration and seed!). Incidentally, I was looking and shopping for white flowers for bees at seedaholic.com, saw this one and bought some seeds for the white variety (Miss Jekyll alba), I know I will never have enough of these:

Growing close to the newly sown beans

Vegetable garden perimeter

At the back

And again at the front
Borage and herbs:

Loved by all bees

Wasps, always thirsty

Bumblebee lovin' the white lavender

Super tiny blooms on compact oregano

Hyssop, bees also love it


Sweet pea seed pods

We finally planted the grapevines, one in a corner
and the other in a large container

Tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables:



Cherry tomatoes

Pear-shaped yellow cherry tomatoes

The later-planted tomatoes at the back are now just blossoming.
They're growing more squat, they get more hours of sun and are less sheltered.

Curcubita garden

Woot! shiny!

The two apples :) slooowly growing

A round courgette

Few strawberries now

Snail & cherry

New growth on mispel

Potted figs
And some other photos:

Broom seeds pods


Walnut tree

Also walnut. I think!

I got a dwarf Japanese maple (mapi-no-machihime)
a couple of weeks ago, now we need to decide where to plant it

You can see how much I use my bike :D

This is the most general view of
the garden you're gonna get ;P

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