Cleanup and transplanting

I'm broken! been digging lots of grass out. It is SO matted, thick and persistent!

Today I worked around the apple trees, removing all grass; placed a row of bricks behind them to stop grass roots (I hope); laid a piece of brick path; planted all the plants in small pots I had from garden centers (from thursday and still some from 16 april, I'll mark those *); mulched a bit. Doesn't sound like a lot but oof! digging out the grass is the hardest.

A "before" I found, just a bunch of old grass:

Some of the plants I got thursday I still haven't "inventorised" here.
Let's see:

Origanum syriacum Za'atar and an unidentified herb*, next to the pallet, beyond hyssop and chives.

From left to right behind the two apple trees, Digitalis grandiflora alba, Angelica archangelica, Alcea rosea nigra (150cm) and Digitalis lutea (70cm). So that's two types of foxgloves that I don't know if they will flower this year or the next, a giant angelica and a black hollyhock.



A bit further in, between the apple and the first foxglove, Lupinus Camelot white*. Further still and between the angelica and the first apple, a few white muscari*. On the other side of the brick path, close to the strawberry patch, three white lavenders*.

Viola odorata (sweet violet!!! :DD) I planted it between the roses on the right and the raspberries so they get some shade.

And the white iris* I planted between the left roses and the hyacinths, where they get a liiittle shadow.

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