Some more bulbs

I planted this today. Top row was bought yesterday and last Saturday. Bottom row in November or something. The ranunculus didn't look worse for wear, but the ornitogallum did. Had to toss about half (hollow, moldy) in the compost pile. Well see about the rest... Better now than never I suppose.

Dug the ground a little bit and removed the largest clumps of grass, then I planted them behind the large rose towards the fence, and also dusted the area with a wildflower mix (boerderij tuin from Aldi) and a small packet of poppy they gave me in the Body Shop (?!).

I should go through the rest of the bulb packages and my old photos and see what else I planted these last few months.

Today it was very warm and sunny. Yesterday I already took out the solitary bees who've been hibernating in the shed. I think there's some parasite damage.

Pim and Loki were with me in the garden.

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