Another update

Maybe I should just name all my posts "update" followed by a roman numeral ;p 

So ok, here comes more pictures.

Pim got another large container and removed the large pile of bricks at the edge of the garden (we have some sort of concrete driveway-court on the side of the house). We kept the best bricks and pieces. I cleared grass of this area and put some bricks around the base of the ivy. The lower stalks are loose, difficult to see and fragile, so I wanted to protect them. I tossed some poppy seeds in there as well.

I also cut up bamboo stalks and stuffed them in a large flower pot (plastic, from a berry bushes). I noticed the mason bees did not have enough nesting places. 
Most of the stalks are too small, but I didn't have enough large ones and the small ones anchor the big ones.
I think there's some smaller bees later in the season anyway. 
Already today I saw activity at this new nest.

Some seedlings starting to emerge. If course the radishes are fast. I think the others might be carrots.

This bee was spring cleaning :))

Good news everyone! Lemon verbena survived the winter! It was quite woody ... when the leaves died from the cold, before it was freezing, I covered the bottom of the stem with a large pile of straw. Earlier this spring (might have been the end of winter) I pruned it back, and was glad to see the wood looked alive. It's taken a long time but here finally are leaves! Love love the scent of it and I use it in infusion, got a big handful last year and I hope to get more this one.

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