Some berry bushes

We got these are couple or three weeks back, could not plant them first because it was raining non stop and then it got very cold. They were in the back building which is rather cold since it's not finished and there is no heating.

This last weekend we also didn't plant them since we were busy with other stuff, so today it is.

One white raspberry and two gooseberries, red and white. We planted them in the order I photographed the labels, as looking from the house towards the back. Now that it's more clear at the back, perhaps there's enough sun for more berries further along, I'll see. I probably also have to trim the pussy willow, I have to check when it's a good time.

I also gave some liquid fertiliser (bio...) to nearly everything: a bit to the hawthorn, existing raspberries (I still have to clear them out), last year's red currant (see below), the apple tree, the peony, the clematis, the roses and the strawberry patch.

The redcurrant, which I thought was dead (like the white currant which really did die), is getting blossoms!

Saw this empty nest last weekend when I was trimming the hedge a bit. I only noticed it when I removed some branches in front of it, I hope it's didn't leave it too exposed. A small bird was angrily tweeting at me from the hawthorn.

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